Global Dialogue Declaration

The Nelson Mandela Bay Global Dialogue Declaration on the Future of Internationalisation of Higher Education emphasises the ‘importance of decision-making and practices in the development of internationalisation activities that are imbued with ethical considerations and inclusivity’.

It recognises the importance of the documents ‘Affirming Academic Values in Internationalisation of Higher Education: A Call for Action’ and the ‘International Student Mobility Charter’.

The declaration commits to promoting higher education and research that ‘recognises the richness and diversity offered by all regions for a global higher education agenda which is equitable, ethical, socially responsible, accessible and accountable’ and to actions that will bring more ‘voices’ into the dialogue and around the table.

It identifies three integrated areas for development:

  1. Enhancing the quality and diversity of programs involving the mobility of students and academic and administrative staff
  2. Increasing focus on the internationalisation of the curriculum and of related learning outcomes
  3. Gaining commitment on a global basis to equal and ethical higher education partnerships.