Research Projects & Initiatives

Informed by our research agenda, IEAA commissions research and works collaboratively with the international education community and partners.

Student Voices
The Student Voices research study was conducted in association with 23 Australian and New Zealand universities and TAFEs over 3 weeks in November. The research was based around institutional and community opinion leader interviews and small groups.
International Student Accommodation
As a study destination, Australia consistently ranks among the world’s most popular countries for international students.
National Symposium on the future of Australia-Korea School Partnerships
IEAA’s National Symposium on the future of Australia-Korea school partnerships was held online over 29 August, 30 August and 1 September 2023. This event was supported through a grant from the Australia-Korea Foundation.
National Symposium on the Future of Australia-China School Partnerships
This Symposium aims to strengthen bilateral education connections in the schools sector and will be delivered in a hybrid in-person (from Melbourne), online format.
International Student Employability
The international student employability series includes a series of reports developed for international students, education providers and employers.
Practitioner Research in International Education
This guide, jointly published by IEAA and NAFSA: Association of International Educators is intended for anyone working in international education who is interested in conducting research and/or reflecting on practice and sharing insights.
Generation Asia
Asia Society Australia and the International IEAA present a new research collaboration, mapping the challenges facing Asia-engaged young Australians in the pandemic era and exploring youth-focused solutions for a successful Asia-adjacent future.
Learning Abroad in Australian Universities
IEAA’s White Paper, Learning Abroad in Australian Universities, makes the case as to why learning abroad matters to Australian students, to Australian communities and to Australian institutions.