We support the development of research publications focussed on the international education community through partnerships and supporting research conducted by IEAA Members.

This page lists the latest publications produced through partnerships as well as other publications produced by IEAA members and partners.

IEAA Publications


National Symposium of the Future of Australia-Korea School Partnerships

Published on 30/11/2023
This follow-up report to IEAA’s National Symposium on the future of Australia-Korea school partnerships serves to share key learnings, ensure accessibility and deepen impact of the information and insights that were presented during the symposium.


Employing International Students & Graduates

Published on 1/09/2022
The purpose of this resource is to assist Australian employers understand the broad range of options to hire and retain international talent.IEAA


Learning Abroad in Australian Universities White Paper

Published on 5/05/2022
Learning abroad has become an essential and vibrant feature of modern Australian education: one that transforms our students and positively impacts their families and communities as well as Australian education institutions.


Managing risk & travel: A guide for learning abroad practitioners during COVID-19

Published on 1/04/2022
The Managing risk & travel: A guide for learning abroad practitioners during COVID-19 is a starting point that identifies policies, procedures and processes related to the resumption of travel and learning abroad opportunities for students.Sarah Argles, Benita Ho and Fiona White


COVID-19 and the Return of Learning Abroad

Published on 15/11/2021
The COVID-19 and the returning of learning abroad guide is an easy-reference tool for learning abroad practitioners, who are looking for answers to when and how to safely return to international travel.


A guide to English language policy making in higher education

Published on 15/11/2021
The Guides to English Language Policy Making in Higher Education are designed to provide a set of accessible, state-of-the-art tools to help university policy makers and admissions teams.Associate Professor Ute Knoch


Student Voices: International Students’ Experiences During COVID-19

Published on 1/10/2021
The second iteration of the landmark trans-Tasman research study aims to better understand the experiences of international students in Australia and New Zealand during COVID-19.Nicholas Bakker


Student Voices: Domestic cohort engagement with international students through COVID-19

Published on 1/07/2021
This report, jointly published by IEAA and Education New Zealand, is a landmark trans-Tasman study that analyses Australian and New Zealand domestic student sentiments towards international students during COVID-19.


Impact of Cohort Mix on Student Experiences and Educational Outcomes

Published on 15/05/2021
S. Umesha Weerakkody


Australian School Curriculum Offshore

Published on 15/04/2021
The international school sector has demonstrated significant global growth over the past decade, with the number of international schools rising to 11,451 by early 2020 (ISC Research, 2021).Nicholas Bakker


What's Next for Learning Abroad

Published on 20/03/2021
This comprehensive report examines how closed borders, an uncertain future and unstable institutional environments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the Learning Abroad space.


International Student Employability: A Guide for Australian Education Providers

Published on 20/10/2020
The employability of international graduates is both a key priority and a continued challenge for education providers around the world.Nicholas Bakker


A Guide to Practitioner Research in International Education

Published on 1/06/2020
This guide, jointly published by IEAA and NAFSA: Association of International Educators is intended for anyone working in international education interested in conducting research and/or systematically reflecting on practice and sharing insights.Dr Davina Potts


Career Outcomes of Learning Abroad - National Report

Published on 1/06/2020
Learning abroad is an enabler of skills development and all graduates should be able to access co-curricular learning experiences that will help to shape their future.Dr Davina Potts


Career Outcomes of Learning Abroad - Short Term Programs

Published on 15/12/2019
More than 4 in 5 Australian students say their short-term international study experience has had a positive impact on their employability, according to a large-scale survey.Dr Davina Potts


International graduates: Navigating the home and host labour markets

Published on 15/12/2019
This research digest focuses on how international graduates navigate the labour market both in their host country and at home.Ly Thi Tran & Huyen T. N. Bui


Economic opportunities and outcomes of post-study work rights

Published on 15/10/2019
Temporary graduates in Australia are young, highly educated and globally competent, but employers are yet to realise the full benefits to the labour market, according to a new report commissioned by IEAA.Jonathan Chew


Employable you: an online guide for international students

Published on 15/07/2019
Whether you’re embarking on your first role, establishing your career or on the way to becoming your own boss, this interactive online guide provides some essential tips and practical steps to help you on your employability journey.


Global perspectives on international student employability

Published on 15/07/2019
Employability has become a key driver in international education. However, as access to education is rising in the developed world, a first degree may no longer be a sufficient distinguisher for some labour markets.Brett Berquist (Lead author), Rebecca Hall, Simon Morris-Lange, Hayley Shields, Vivienne Stern, Ly Thi Tran


Mental health and international students: issues, challenges and effective practice

Published on 15/07/2019
The mental health of Australian university students is generally shown to be in decline (Weir & Lee, 2016). It is an issue of concern that is attracting attention in host countries where international students relocate to undertake their studies.Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett


Early intercultural experiences and careers in international education

Published on 15/05/2019
International education professionals in Australia are recruiting, supporting and graduating more international students than ever before.Dr Amanda Daly, Emi Hall, Rebecca Hall, Dr Kirrilee Hughes


International Education: Broadening Your Business Horizons Employers

Published on 15/05/2019
As Australia’s fourth largest export, the international education sector was worth almost $35 billion to the economy in 2018 and supports more than 240,000 jobs. That’s putting a whole lot of good back into business.


International education data gaps: sector perspectives

Published on 15/02/2019
Australia’s international education sector has access to a considerable amount of data.IEAA


International student experience in Australia

Published on 15/11/2018
In today’s increasingly competitive market to recruit and retain international students, it is critical that institutions stay current on student perceptions, preferences and experiences with various aspects of the university environment.Ravichandran Ammigan (PhD), Debra Langton


New Colombo Plan: A Review of Research and Implications for Practice

Published on 15/10/2018
Since its launch in 2014, the New Colombo Plan (NCP) has significantly changed Australia’s student mobility and internationalisation landscape.Associate Professor Ly Thi Tran, Dr Mark Rahimi


Learning abroad and employability: researching the connections

Published on 15/05/2018
The connection between learning abroad and employability has been gaining ground in recent years.Dr Davina Potts


Lighting the Paths to Change: How on-award activities can help to improve scholarship outcomes

Published on 15/04/2018
Various international scholarship programs support leadership training, professional networking and community-based service during study, among other kinds of on-award enrichment activities.Professor Joan Dassin


Enhancing the Experience & Outcomes of International HDR Candidates: Research Training Managers

Published on 15/01/2018
International HDR candidates and their supervisory teams have become increasingly diverse and intercultural. This diversity requires new ways of thinking about, and supporting, HDR training in universities.LiLy Nguyen, Associate Professor Ly Thi Tran, Dr Wendy Green


Enhancing the Experience & Outcomes of International HDR Candidates: A guide for Supervisors

Published on 15/01/2018
Australian universities host more than 20,000 international higher degree research (HDR) candidates, which constitute around 32 percent of the total HDR cohort.LiLy Nguyen, Associate Professor Ly Thi Tran, Dr Wendy Green


Enhancing the Experience & Outcomes of International HDR Candidates: A guide for Candidates

Published on 15/07/2017
Undertaking a higher degree research (HDR) program outside of your home country – and in a language other than your first language – is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.LiLy Nguyen, Associate Professor Ly Thi Tran, Dr Wendy Green