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Module 1: International Education Essentials

This module provides a valuable introduction to international education in Australia for newcomers from all areas of the sector – from admissions and compliance, marketing and mobility, to student support and transnational education.

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Module 2: Data Demystified

Gain a better understanding of the importance of data and data analytics, how to nurture an analytical mindset and where to locate resources and collect international education data, metrics the importance of data visualisation.

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Module 3: Mapping Transnational Education

Learn about the definitions, forms and framework of transnational education, business and academic considerations when a new TNE opportunity arises regulatory requirements, principles of quality management and the he common challenges within the TNE sector.

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Module 4: International Student Life

Better understand the range of factors that can affect the international student experience from accommodation, employability,  health, safety and wellbeing and support.

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Module 5: Marketing and Recruitment Strategy

Learn the fundamentals of developing a recruitment strategy, the role of education agents, how to optimise the use of digital recruitment channels and how to better engage and convert prospects.

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Module 6: Admissions and Compliance Essentials

Understand the regulatory framework that governs international education in Australia Australia’s immigration context, including the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), assessing the eligibility of international applicants admissions processes, risks and systems.

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Module 7: Unpacking Learning Abroad

By completing this module, you will better understand working in a learning abroad office, how to establish, manage and assess learning abroad programs, the student support lifecycle and how learning abroad fits within the curriculum.

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Module 8: Paving Pathways

By completing this module, you will better understand types of pathway programs, origins  current and future importance, global context and best practice pathways subject design and principles.

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Module 9: Scholarships and Fellowships Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of different scholarship types, impact of international students’ socio-political contexts, avenues through which funding for scholarships can be accessed and purposes of alumni engagement.

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Module 10: Teaching and Learning Across Cultures

Teachers from all sectors – higher education, VET, schools and ELICOS – are increasingly aware of the pedagogical implications of globalisation.

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