Lighting the Paths to Change: How on-award activities can help to improve scholarship outcomes

Various international scholarship programs support leadership training, professional networking and community-based service during study, among other kinds of on-award enrichment activities. How such activities can improve scholarship outcomes, however, involves more than compiling an inventory of best practice.

It is important to differentiate among types of scholarship outcomes, consider which design features are most likely to enhance particular program objectives and review what we know about measurement and evaluation of results.

In April 2018, IEAA had the pleasure of hosting Professor Joan Dassin (Brandeis University, US) at IEAA’s Scholarships and Fellowships Forum in Canberra. We are now pleased to share Professor Dassin’s accompanying research paper on how on-award enrichment can help to improve scholarship outcomes.


Professor Joan Dassin – Brandeis University, Massachusetts, US

Published: April 2018