Employable you: an online guide for international students

Whether you’re embarking on your first role, establishing your career or on the way to becoming your own boss, this interactive online guide provides some essential tips and practical steps to help you on your employability journey.

In 2015, IEAA published our first employability guide for international students. Four years – and more than 32,000 downloads later – it has emerged as one of our most popular publications. We are now pleased to provide this refreshed and updated guide to support international students in their careers.

Throughout this guide we navigate the issues you may face as an international student or graduate when looking for work opportunities or progressing your career aspirations. This guide focuses on employment in Australia. While recruitment and employment processes differ considerably between countries, much of the advice presented here will be similarly useful for future work outside Australia.

Good luck! And remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”