Sector Overview & Statistics

International education brings economic, cultural and social benefits to people and businesses in Australia and provides opportunities for students and researchers to travel into and outside of Australia. Our association regularly provides our members and the wider community with updates on the status of international education in Australia.

Mobility & Global Positioning
See how Australia is globally positioned and why Australia consistently ranks as a destination of choice.
Economic Value
International education has consistently rated as one of Australia’s largest economic drivers for decades.
Student Enrolments & Statistics
About one in 40 people living in Australia are on a student or graduate visa, student enrolments, study preferences and source countries change over time and are influenced by a range of factors.
Data Sources
We collate and contextualise the latest information provided by these trusted data sources to inform our members, research and advocacy.

What is international education?

International education refers to education that transcends national borders. This can include students travelling from their home country to study in another destination; attending an international branch campus in their home country or another country; learning abroad and student exchange programs; and online study with an overseas provider. International education connects people from different societies and encourage students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world.

Australia’s international education community was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with Australia’s borders closed to inbound international students and outbound learning abroad students for most of 2020 and 2021. International education in Australia is currently experiencing a post-pandemic recovery phase. Due to timing differences in data collection and release across a range of sources, IEAA expects significant increases in some of the statistics reported below over the coming months. This is also why we have included some pre-2020 information.