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Welcome to IEAA's new website. For security reasons, if you have not signed into this new site you will need to follow these steps to activate your IEAA account.

Activate your username

  1. Choose 'Forgot Username' and enter the email address associated with your IEAA account
    This will send an email to confirm your email address as your username (remember to check your spam folder) 
  2. Click on the link provided to reset your password

If you are not directed straight to a password reset screen, follow the steps below.

Reset your password

  1. Choose 'Forgot Password' and enter your username (your email address) to request a password reset
    You will receive an email with a link to reset your password (remember to check your spam folder) 
  2. Click on the link to reset your password 
  3. Enter your new password and submit

You will now be able to sign in to your IEAA account.

Need help?

Contact IEAA for assistance in setting up your new account.