Significant Government Policy Changes Proposed

The issue our sector has been fighting against for months now is about to take place after all. 

Published on: 11 May 2024

Under the new policy headline of “Managing sustainable growth in international student enrolments”, the Federal Government is looking to allocate a limit on the number of new overseas student enrolments available to each CRICOS registered provider.

While stakeholder consultations are being offered, this latest measure will send all the wrong messages, yet again, of Australia’s reliability as a welcoming study destination country. Coming on top of the recently announced changes to financial capability requirements ($24K to $29K), visa processing slowdowns and backlogs, prospective students and our education agents will feel incredibly let down. Other measures, such as big increases in student visa fees, are also anticipated in this week’s Budget. 

As Convenor of the Council for International Education, the IEAA CEO will be meeting with 4 Federal Ministers on Monday to clarify and flesh out more details of what they have planned for soon to be introduced legislation (ESOS Act Amendment Bill). I will be arguing that there is a real danger of Government overreach in this new policy approach. For example, reliance on universities providing more PBSA student accommodation would take years to put into place. Housing is a state and local government policy with little scope for Federal Government effective intervention unless it’s entirely on campus.

Please see a link below to the just released key relevant document: Draft International Education and Skills Strategic Framework

Hon Phil Honeywood
International Education Association of Australia