Committees & Advisory Groups

IEAA committees regularly convene to guide our research, professional development, conferences and awards.

Awards Sarah Todd (Chair)
Marnie Watson
Steve Knussen
Conference Program (AIEC) Ren Yi
Phil Honeywood
Jana Perera
Rishen Shekhar
Network Liaison Admissions and Compliance – Brownyn Bartsch
Learning Abroad – Emily O’Callaghan
Marketing and Recruitment – Mike Ferguson
Pathways – Steve Knussen
Scholarships and Fellowships – Brett Lovegrove
Student Life – Jana Perera
Teaching and Learning – Sally Waite
Transnational Education – Marnie Watson
Professional Development

Mike Ferguson (Chair)
Emily O’Callaghan
Brett Lovegrove


Jon Chew (Chair)
Ren Yi
Emily O’Callaghan

Risk, Remuneration and Finance Bronwyn Bartsch (Chair)
Sally Waite
Brett Lovegrove

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