IEAA announces the ‘Help Australia Thrive!’ campaign

The campaign shares the essential contribution of international education to Australia’s economic and cultural development. It features true stories of international students pairing with Australian businesses and communities to enrich our economic and cultural life.

International education is Australia’s fourth-highest export generating industry, and the largest that doesn’t rely on mining natural resources. In 2019, the sector delivered over $40 billion to the Australian economy and supported over 240,000 Australian jobs. Enrolment figures for 2023 show a strong post-COVID recovery.

“International education isn’t a commodity. It supports communities and nurtures knowledge. International students pay their tuition, earn their qualifications and underpin outstanding research. They also help put food on our tables, care for our loved ones, and teach us how to dance. International students help Australia thrive,” says Hon. Phil Honeywood, CEO of IEAA.

The campaign introduces the stories of three international students - Jerry from Jakarta, Ralph from Dubai, and Patti from Bangkok.

Jerry organised students to help pick fruit that was left in the orchards due to labour shortages. Ralph works in aged care to improve the quality of life for our senior Australians. Patti works as a mental health counselor and connects with her local community by teaching dance classes.

International education is not just about students from around the world studying in Australia. Over 380,000 Australians studied abroad between 2009 and 2019. One in four Australian undergraduate students undertook studies overseas in 2019.

Every student, whether coming to study or leaving to learn from the world, helps Australia thrive.

To learn more about International Education in Australia and read Jerry, Ralph and Patti’s stories.

The campaign will run on social media from June to September 2023.