Strategic Plan

Our goals are far-reaching, forward-thinking, and based on the concepts of effective advocacy, support, and representation. The strategy will confirm IEAA as a leader in the international education community and one of the leading peak bodies in Australia. One key outcome of this process was a unanimous decision that IEAA needs to be more explicit about its role as a peak body.

Over 3,000 members, the international education community, and its allied industries have come to rely on IEAA to represent all sectors of international education, as well as the wider community. Many forms of state and national media, whether it be social, print or broadcast, have turned to IEAA for thought leadership throughout the pandemic and more so in recent months with the current complex geopolitical environment.

The opening of our borders and the return of international students has provided the industry with a real sense of recovery and, above all, is sending out very positive messages to prospective students globally. However, a sense of uncertainty remains all-pervasive.

The National Board of IEAA, Convenors, Deputy Convenors and IEAA operational staff considered the key goals and associated actions aimed at achieving these goals. The IEAA Strategy 2022-25 reflects the times, is courageous and focused on goals which have been determined by the IEAA National Board.

Past Strategic Plans

See the evolution of IEAA’s strategic direction by accessing past versions of IEAA’s strategic planning documents.

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Strategic Vision for International Education in Australia - October 2011

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IEAA Strategy 2014-2017 Download (PDF, 0.1 MB)
IEAA Strategy 2018-2020 Download (PDF, 1.2 MB)
IEAA Strategy 2021 Download (PDF, 6 MB)